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About the ECFC

The Eastern Collegiate Football Conference was formed in the spring of 2009 as an NCAA Division III single sport football conference. The conference, named after the geographic location of the institutions began competition in the fall of 2009.

Founding members were Anna Maria College (Worcester, Mass.), Becker College (Leicester, Mass.), Castleton State College (Castleton, Vt.), Gallaudet University (Washington, D.C.), Husson University (Bangor, Maine), Maritime College State University of New York (Throggs Neck, N.Y.), Mount Ida College (Newton, Mass.), and Norwich University (Northfield, Vt.).

Mission Statement

The mission of the conference is to:

  1. Promote intercollegiate varsity football as an integral part of the educational experience of all competitors. 
  2. Establish a conference schedule and determine a conference championship that will represent the conference as the automatic qualifier to the NCAA national tournament.
  3. Adopt sportsmanship, fair play, moral integrity and competitive excellence as cornerstones of the conference.


Click here to view a PDF version of the Conference Bylaw

Article VII: Football Administration

1)       Conference Champion

For the inaugural season (2009) two teams will be selected to participate in the Championship Game.  Thereafter, members will vote annually to hold a conference championship.  The team with the highest winning percentage in conference play will be awarded the opportunity to host. In the event of a tie, predetermined conference seeding procedures will be used for selection.

Eastern Collegiate Football Conference seeding will be based on winning percentage within the conference.  Ties will be broken using the following criteria which will be applied, in order, until a team is (or teams are) separated.  At that point, the process begins anew, (returning to the first criteria) with the remaining teams.

Two Teams

  1. Head to Head Results

Three or More Teams

  1. Best Record Among Tied Team (in this step, only contests among the tied schools will be used).
  2. Comparison of results against conference opponents one team at a time starting with the highest ranked team and continuing in downward rank order until the tie is broken.
  3. Results against non-conference common opponents (in this step, only opponents who competed against all tied schools will be considered).
  4. Opponents Winning Percentage (OWP) for all Division III opponents as determined by the NCAA system (both in and out of region are used in this calculation).
  5. Overall Winning Percentage for all games against NCAA Division III opponents.
  6. Coin Toss.


2)       Game Officials

The number of officials assigned shall be at least (8) with seven field officials and one official responsible for running the game clock.  The officials will be assigned by the ECAC from the roster of the EFOA and the assignment of officials is the responsibility of the host institution.  Payment will be on the scale negotiated by the ECAC.  The home team is also responsible for securing the services of a scoreboard operator and 25/40 second play clock operator as well as other support staff as needed.  All conference schools must have 25/40 second play clocks on its field.

3)       Competition Procedures

A.  Rules: All games shall be played under NCAA Rules.  The NCAA tiebreaker system will be in effect for games ending in a tie.

B.  Game Ball: All games shall be played with an NCAA approved ball.

C.  Uniforms: The home team shall wear dark jerseys and the visiting team shall wear white jerseys.

D.  Team/Roster Information Exchange: Up-to-date team rosters, statistics, and “two deep” depth charts will be available on the institutional website.  If this is not possible, the coaches must share the information via email by 5:00 pm on Sunday. The SID's at the member institutions in coordination with the team's head coach will be responsible for exchange of such information. Two-deep information should have the following information in this order (Pos, #, Name, Ht/Wt. Eligibility Year - sample)

E.  Game statistics: All teams will use the Stat Crew Football Computer Program.  The home team sports information director is responsible for the collection of all statistical information during the game and must provide copies of the game statistics to the visiting team prior to that team’s departure from the game site.  In addition, the host SID will provide copies of the game file to the visiting institution and conference office electronically.

F. As permitted by NCAA Rules, if an athlete is ejected from a game there must be a review by the conference commissioner in concert with the ECFC Football Supervisor of Officials, to determine if further sanctions are required by the Council of Athletic Directors; 

    1. Athletic Director asks Bill Ward to review the game tape in question.
    2. Bill Ward will determine if the ECFC Commissioner needs to review the incident further.
    3. ECFC Commissioner will make further recommendations on the playing status of the athlete(s) involved.

4)       Film Exchange Policy

5)       Scouting

Live scouting by conference members is prohibited in any game involving two conference schools and in any non-conference game that involves a conference member.  Scouting of games involving two non-conference schools is permitted.

6)       Game Times

Game times shall be determined by the host institution. When travel between schools is 400 miles or more, it is recommended afternoon kickoff will be at 12:00 p.m., with the exception of Homecoming contests where schedule alteration is not possible.  Consideration for travel should also be given when scheduling night games for Fridays.  Exceptions may be made upon mutual agreement between both Athletic Directors.  A night game may be played if mutually agreed upon by both Athletic Directors.  If there is an impasse between institutions, the Commissioner will make the final scheduling decision. 

7)       Field Communications and Press Box Access

All conference teams are responsible for providing their own field communication system.  Should the number of communication devices, for either team, fall below two, the other team will be required to use the same number of communication devices until service can be restored.  Equivalent space will be afforded both the home and visiting teams in the press box or equivalent vantage point.

8)       Sportsmanship

All coaches, student-athletes and support staff should conduct themselves in an ethical manner at all times and abide by NCAA rules and the Conference Code of Ethics.  A spirit of good sportsmanship should prevail at all times.  In an effort to promote good sportsmanship and crowd control at all football games, the home public address announcer will read the following Sportsmanship Statement prior to opening kickoff.  If no public address system is used, this statement will be printed on game programs.

The ECFC and the NCAA promotes good sportsmanship by student-athletes, coaches and spectators at today's contest.  We request your cooperation by supporting  the participants and officials in a positive manner.  Profanity, racial or sexist comments, or other intimidating actions directed at officials, student-athletes, coaches or team representatives will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the site of competition.

9)       Protests

There shall be no protests.  Referee decisions on the field of play are final.

10)     Host Responsibilities

          The home team shall provide the following:

A.   A certified MD in attendance at each conference game.

B.   An ambulance and other necessary medical equipment.

C.   Ice and water for both teams.

D.   The best locker room facility possible.  The facilities should be available two and a half (2 1/2) hours prior to game time unless notified otherwise.

E.   Access to the training room.

F.    Equal facilities (enclosure/height) for spotters and other visiting team personnel in the press box.

G.   All game expenses incurred.

H.   Provide the following security measures; security presence in the stands and on the field of play; visiting team security escort to and from bus, to and from the locker room and locker room security as needed.  In games where heightened security may be needed, the athletic directors of the competing schools must make such arrangements or requests in advance.

I.     A copy of the video tape from a tight (end zone) view will be supplied to the visiting team prior to the departure from the game site.  (This section pending committee recommendations).

11)     Complimentary Tickets

The host institution has the option to send 120 complimentary tickets to the Athletic Director of the visiting team two weeks in advance of the conference game or submit a will call list by noon on Friday before the scheduled contest.  All uniformed members of bands, cheerleaders, kick-lines shall be admitted free of charge.

12)     Media Rights and Responsibilities

The home team shall reserve, unto itself, all regular season radio and/or television rights unless superseded by conference agreement.  Within the press box area, the visiting team shall be provided two (2) spaces for radio station use and a phone line if requested by the visiting team.  If host press box facilities do not allow for two (2) radio stations, an adequate space and facility will be provided.  All press box space requests must be made no later than one (1) week in advance to the contest.  Visiting school radio stations may request additional space to be determined by the host institution.  Such an agreement must be made at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to kick-off.  Member institution radio stations, home and visitor, have priority over any other radio station or media member in regards to space in the press box.  Member institutions will handle line fees and other such charges amongst themselves.

13)     Awards and Statistics

A. Weekly individual awards: The conference office shall award the following weekly honors:

1. Offensive Player of the Week

2. Defensive Player of the Week

3. Rookie of the Week

4. Special Teams Player of the Week

 B. Annual individual awards:

1. Offensive Player of the Year

2. Defensive Player of the Year

3. Special Teams Player of the Year

4. Offensive Lineman of the Year

5. Rookie of the Year

6. Coach of the Year

7. All-Conference Offensive Team (First and Second Team)

  • Quarterback (1)
  • Runningbacks (2)
  • Fullback (1)
  • Wide Receiviers (3)
  • Tight End (1)
  • Offensive Linemen (5)
  • Kicker (1)
  • Return Specialist (1)

8. All-Conference Defensive Team (First and Second Team)

  • Defensive Linemen (4)
  • Linebackers (4)
  • Defensive Backs (4)
  • Punter (1)

9. Honorable Mention

C. An All Academic Team will be named following the Fall semester. Individuals selected for the All Academic Team must have earned a 3.3 cumulative g.p.a. with sophomore standing and two years of participation on the football teams. Having started new programs, Castleton State College and Anna Maria College were exempt from the participation criteria during their first two years of competition.

D. Conference Champion Awards: The conference will have a perpetual traveling trophy for the championship team and one additional trophy for the champions that will remain at the institution.

E. Statistics: The conference office will collect and maintain conference statistics on a weekly basis and post the statistics on the web site. The conference office will also report weekly honors to ECAC for its weekly honor consideration.

F. Certificates will be awarded to members of the all conference teams.  Institutions will be provided with blank certificates at the start of the academic year and will be responsible for creation and distribution for team honorees.

G. The selection process for all weekly and post-season conference awards will be the responsibility of the Sports Information Director. Weekly nominations are due on Monday at 10 a.m. with report to follow.

14)     League Scheduling

The development of the league schedule will be the responsibility of the Commissioner in conjunction with the scheduling sub-committee and Directors of Athletics of member schools.  Initial schedules will be approved on a two year basis.  Following that time, schedules will be approved on a four year basis and rotation of conference games will be determined at that time.

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